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Welcome To Free SafeList Mailer - Online Since January 2008!

Why Should You Join Free SafeList Mailer?

  • Totally Cheat-Proof - No Auto Bots Work On Our SafeList

  • Credit Points For Reading Emails Increases As You Read More Each Day

  • All Members Can Send Email To All Of The Other Members

  • All Members Can Send HTML Email

  • List Solo Ads For Paid Members Every Month

  • Generous Commissions And Credits Given On Member Referrals

  • Ability To Earn List Solo Ads For Signing Up New Members

  • Easy to Use Built in HTML Editor to Compose Emails for ALL Members

  • You Can Save Your Messages. Both Regular And Solo Ads

  • Our Free SafeList Mailer Bounce Mail Solution - 100% Deliverability

  • Free Banner Rotations - Put Your Banner On This High Traffic Website

  • Free $10 Signup Bonus For All New Members

    The Most Advanced SafeList On The Internet

    Your Source For Quality High Volume Traffic - 79,978 Active Members

    SafeLists are The Most Effective Way of Promoting Websites By Using Opt In Email

    The most important thing in succeeding in Internet Marketing is traffic. To be more precise:

    Getting Targeted Traffic To Your Website Is
    The Most Important Thing In Internet Marketing!

    Without traffic, you can have the best possible product available out there however you will not make any sales if no one sees your offer.

    Getting traffic to your website is crucial, and more than that, getting targeted traffic is the key to success!

    I love Free SafeList Mailer. I have been learning marketing this past year since I retired from nursing. I must belong to about 70 safelists or so. This is the first one I signed up with and learned to use. After trying many others I came back to it and HAVE to post several times a day. It has a large list, about 48,000 and it is I think THE MOST RESPONSIVE ...by FAR.

    It's worth it to upgrade in this one! For one, you get more points, a lot...they progress from 500 to up to 1000, and there is a prize once in a while for looking at mails. When you upgrade you get free Solo Points every month, also when you sign someone up. If I report something to Support, many times they give me a few extra Solos. It makes me feel good. :-) Frequently they have special sales. I just do not get such a good response from Any Other Safelist!!

    Sincerely, Mary A Gregory

    Our SafeList Members Are People Who WANT To Receive Advertising But Always From Responsible Sellers.
    • SafeLists are used by it's members to advertise their websites, business opportunities and so forth to other members of the SafeList. If your website offer is an opportunity or service of interest to other SafeList members, they are very likely to sign up, join, or purchase your offer.

    • So the bottom line is that SafeLists informs its members of the most popular opportunities and offers currently buzzing the Internet, for which those same members earn credits which allows them to post their own ads and offers to the SafeList.

    • SafeLists are the most cost effective way of getting your offer seen by thousands of people.

    • Join now to get your share of Internet Marketing Traffic.
    Free SafeList Mailer offers many extra's not found on other SafeLists. You do not need to be a paid member to make use of these extra features found on no other SafeList!

    I have been with Free SafeList Mailer for almost 3 years now. I credit my online success to them. Sam, the owner, makes sure the list is clean and double opt-in. I recommend their contact solos and list solos also. I find them very responsive and have made lots of sales from them. If you are thinking of upgrading any safelist in the future, this would be the one. I look forward to a long and happy marketing future with Free SafeList Mailer.

    Robert & Linda Elze

    Check out the great bonuses of being a member of Free SafeList Mailer!
    • $10 Sign Up Bonus:

    • [Get $10 Free Just for Becoming a Member of Free SafeList Mailer]
      Upon successful signup you can add $10 to your commission account going to "Promo Code Redemption" and entering "10DollarsFree" and $10 will automatically be put into your account.
    •   Free Downline Mailer and Dowline Leads:
    • All Free and Paid members can email their downline directly. Depending on your membership you can email from 1 to 7 levels deep meaning you can email members you did not recruit. These ads are specially marked, include a link to earn credits and the credits given are the same a List Email Solo. This will allow you to email many active members even if you did not recruit them!
    •   Free Downline Members given at random:
    • When reading an email you usually earn points. How ever we have made it so at random any member may win a free downline member who signed up without a referral. This is very special as you will earn money on any memberships or credits this member may purchase and also earn on members that they recruit down to 3 levels. If you win a good referral you will getting money every month as part of our affiliate program (note: Free Affiliate program in beta testing).
    •   Credit Points for reading Emails Increases as you read more each day:
    • All members receive a higher amount of credits depending on the amount of email they read. Everyday you start at level one. The more emails you read then you will advance a level and earn more credits per email read.
    •   Credit Points Earned for Sending Emails:
    • Yes, you heard that right, on the first email you send on any day you will be awarded credits equal to the same number of credits you would get for reading a List Solo Email. Anywhere from 500 to 2,500 Credits!

    I have been a member of Free SafeList Mailer for a very long time - I am the owner of http://safelistxl.com so I know what to expect from a safelist - I normally use safelists for all my promotions but only a handful really gets the results I expect and one of them is Free SafeList Mailer - The first time I purchased a solo ad from Free SafeList Mailer I was amazed on how many hits my safelist got and how many signups after that first solo - It was so good that I had to buy a load of solo ads and I used them once every other day- My safelist went from 100 members to 500 members in days and 50% of those members came from Free SafeList Mailer. Yes, I did get a few from other safelists but noting compared to Free SafeList Mailer.

    Now I own 7 sites and I promote daily with Free SafeList Mailer - My safelist has 5,350 members and one of my TE's have 4,150 members. So I highly recommend Free SafeList Mailer for your daily promotions and when you want a quick membership boost- Do I need to say anything else?

    Jose Camacho

  • All Members Can Send Email to All of the Other Members:
  • On other SafeLists you must be a paid member to email other members. On Free SafeList Mailer every member can email to the entire list of 79,978 members.
  • All Members can send HTML Email:
  • All Free and Paid account members may send HTML Email. HTML Email provides users to send out professional looking email with graphics and formatted text. Paid members are allowed to customize their emails.
  • List Solo Ads For Paid Members Every Month:
  • Paid members get a List Solo Ad on Membership Signup and then again every month when they renew their subscription. A List Solo Ad is an email sent to every member's List Email. Also List Solo Emails can be sent whenever the member wants to send it.
  • Two Types Of Solo Ads - Both Very Responsive:
  • We have two types of Solo Ads. The Super Solo Ad is an email sent to every member's Contact Email. Also included with the Super Solo Ad is a List Solo Ad. Both Ads are very responsive. Please see above for more about List Solo Ads.
  • Ability to Earn List Solo Ads For Signing Up New Members:
  • All members earn 0.20 List Solo Credits for every member (Free and Paid) they refer. Refer 5 people and earn a List Solo Ad!
  • Generous Commissions and Credits Given on Member Referrals:
  • Receive Credits and Cash for referring new members. Commissions are reoccurring for Paid Members and are paid every month. Please check out the "Affiliate Program" for full details.
  • Generous Amount of Credits Given on Signup and Every Month You Are a Active Member:
  • All new members receive credits for signing up to the list (both Free and Paid Members). Credits are also issued every month you are an active member.
  • Members Receive Credits Based on Membership Level on Regular Email and Both List and Contact Solo Ads:
  • Instead of a fixed amount that all members receive for Solo Ads, Paid members receive up to 5 times the amount for reading Solo Ads.

    As the admin, of my own popular safelist (AdTroopers) people are surprised that I use other safelists a lot but I do. However I usually stick with the top safelists that I know from experience work the best. I have been using Free SafeList Mailer for several years now and can vouch it is easily one of the top 5 safelists on the Web. And dollar for dollar the upgrades and solo ads on Free SafeList Mailer are an amazing value! Big thanks to Sam Waters for pioneering the world of credit-based safelists with this amazing program.

    Rick Katz

    See The Membership Comparisons in the Following Table:

    Credit Based Mailer Limit
    Message Personalization
    Saved Messages Allowed
    Signup / Monthly Credits*
    Signup / Monthly List
    Email Solo Credits*
    Reading Messages Credits
    Reading Contact Solo Credits
    Reading List Solo Credits
    HTML Mailer
    Visual HTML Editor
    Banner Ads Rotator
    Credits for a Banner
    Ad Impression
    Membership Cost
    Join Now
    Once a Day
    Up to 5

    1 impression =
    3 credits
    Join Free
    3 Times a Day
    Up to 10

    1 impression =
    2 credits
    Join Silver
    6 Times a Day
    Up to 20

    1 impression =
    2 credits
    Join Gold
    12 Times a Day
    Up to 50

    1 impression =
    1 credits
    Join Platinum
    3 Day Platinum Trial
    12 Times a Day
    Up to 10

    1 impression =
    1 credits
    Join 3 Day Platinum Trial
    * Monthly And List Solo Credits Are Issued At Time Of Upgrade Of Account And At Renewal Of Subscription Date After Upgrade. Trial Upgrades May Only Be Used Once. If The Trial Is Set To Full Membership Then Monthly And List Solo Credits Are Issued At That Time And Every Month When The Membership Renews.

    Free Members Are Awarded Monthly Credits On The 1st Of Each Month.

    Even More Great Features For Free SafeList Mailer Members!

    • Free Banner Rotations - Put Your Banner on This High Traffic Website!
    • Every member of Free SafeList Mailer is allowed put multiple banners on our website. There is no limit on how long your banners will be rotated on our website. It will be displayed as long as you have credits. Why not to put your affiliate banner link in our website’s Banner Rotation System right now!
    • Our Free SafeList Mailer Bounce Mail Solution - Only Clean Mailing Lists!
    • Our SafeList script includes a special system that keeps our list as clean as possible.
    • Easy to Use Built in HTML Editor to Compose Emails Available for ALL Members!
    • Even if you do not know how to write any HTML code you can use our online WYSIWYG editor to create professional looking emails!
    • You Can Save Your Messages. Both Regular and Solo Ads!
    • After sending a email you can have it automatically saved in our system so that you do not need to retype or cut and paste. Simply click on saved messages and choose which message you wish to send. Make only One Click and the message and subject will automatically be put into the mailing form. This is a tremendous time saver!
    I have been a member of The Free SafeList Mailer for several years. I currently deal with over 47 different Websites and approximately half of these are other SafeList sites but not one of them can compare / compete with the benefits and ownership that this one has to offer. I started as a free member and remained that for quite sometime until the owner threw me a piece of bait involving a special upgrade offer for a limited time that I just could not refuse. If you are serious about creating a great income online you need to be prepared to advertise, advertise and advertise! I send out approx over 150,000 promotions daily when time permits and before my upgrade to a Gold Member it took me hours to collect the advertising credits I needed and for the longest time I never considered the cost of all my labor. Thanks to the Gold offer I now gather the credits plus send out all my promotions in less than half the time I took before. Yes it surely does pay to upgrade!!

    In closing let me try to explain just what the word FREE means to me and I'm sure to this owner. Read other member's offers and promote your offer's. In other words, be an active member!!

    Allan Johnston
    Whitehorse, Yukon Canada

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